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Dreamlike, nebulous and figurative, Nikita's pictorial work is an alternative to the world of men, bubbling and shaped by the quest for short term's profit. His painting brings us into a world where men live without any urgency.

After seven years of workshop and four years of study at Pivaut School in Nantes, the artist graduated in Illustration.

Apart from his pictorial creation, Nikita teaches at the Atelier des Arts in Saint Sébastien sur Loire, produces short films and composes ambient music.

Mon histoire

When I was 14 years old, a special experience have much later strongly impacted my artwork.

I was living with my mother and brother. The atmosphere was tense. / I was living with my mother and brother in tense atmosphere. My shelter was a beautiful park with a large lake which are attached at so many joys of my childhood.

The incandescent sun's heat had slowed my senses and I had fallen asleep in the greasy grass at the top of the hill overlooking the park. When I awoke, dazzled by the iridescent circle of the solar star, I headed for the wood below, to find a little coolness in the shade.

After a few steps under the thick foliage of the beeches, my body temperature drop sharply and I was suddenly

dizzy. Seeking somethings to clap eyes on, my attention was attracted by a dust in weightless. Glittering, in a beam of light that pierced the foliage above my head, the tiny particle seemed like keeped immobile.


The temporal and spatial indicators were becoming blurred. I was no longer in control of my senses. Everything seemed to be silencious around this celestial body, center of my universe. No longer conscious of my own weight, there only remained this evanescent beauty to capture.

Then, absolute nothingness ...

To this day, I still can’t explain my second awakening, because I don't remember what had placed me at the top of this hill. It is not simply a dream because I always clearly remember the images and sensations of these day.

The truth is that I had already experienced similar experiences. But this was the first time that my desire to capture and immortalize these PEX (Extradimensional Perceptions) was clearly expressed.

The impulse that determine us on past exhaustion, is the basis of all research, and the departure of any travel. For myself, the travel is spiritual, the search is pictorial, the pulse is in constant redefinition.

My artistic process provide an introspective interlude, appealing to the sensitivity that each of us holds and that we hold more by belief than by conviction.


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